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Paxos Games develops entertaining educational apps to enhance knowledge and develop analytical ability. Its first educational platform is Sudoku Junior.  

Sudoku Junior is unique in providing:-

  •   Brain-boosting Pictorial Sudoku puzzles for all ages

  •   An educational platform for the 4+ age group

  •   250+ stunning pictorial icons under 24 categories such as Animals, Famous Monuments,
      Sports and Science

  •   Pop-up fascinating facts about each image, such as “Big Ben is the largest four-faced
      chiming clock in the world” and “Microwave radiation lies between radio and infrared,

  •   4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 9 x 9 grids with 3 levels of difficulty


According to researchers and child experts, there are numerous positive effects of electronic games. These include, amongst others:-

  •    Learning to follow instructions

  •    Spatial skills

  •    Hand-eye co-ordination

  •    The application of logic in problem solving

  •    Rapid thought and analysis

  •    Memory application

  •    Accuracy

  •    Perseverance

  •    Pattern recognition

  •    Concentration


However, what is sadly lacking in the vast majority of games is learning and education. It is the aim of Paxos Games to address this deficiency.

In further pursuance of this aim, Phase II of Sudoku Junior will contain a number of exciting additional features. It will also provide leader-boards, paired games, quizzes and be released on Android.

Paxos Games has set itself high standards and is working alongside a developmental and educational psychologist to introduce a very special educational app in the future.  


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